29 Nisan 2008 Salı

Revival of Mr. Walkman

Recently Mr.Walkman broke another gear of him while he was hanging around. So I have decided on removing the toy gears and walkman motors (this does not mean I have failed on making a walker out of a walkman, it worked for a while right?) and installed 2 humongous solarbotics GM2 gear motor. After doing that I have prepared new more suitable legs, added end-switches to the legs to keep the new powerful gears unharmed, mounted new battery holders for 4x 1.2V 3000mA ni-mh batteries (due to my calculations it can run continously about a week without any need of recharging with these babies) and done a few more trimming. Now he is back on his foot with more speed, power and better obstacle avoidance.

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